Jan 3, 2011

What will happen if you throw a baby into a pool?

Have you ever wondered what will happen if your drop your newborn baby into a pool? Is it going to drown? Don’t worry, it will not! icon smile What will happen if you throw a baby into a pool? Babies under six months of age are excellent swimmers due to their diving reflexes.

Just like when an adult’s air passage blocks during swallowing, a baby can block their throat so they don’t swallow water. This is why you often see babies swimming with their mouths open.

They’ll also move their arms and legs, making these little tykes perfect candidates for swimming classes. But REMEMBER, don’t try this reflex at home for obvious safety concerns.

And about this gallery :

All pictures are made on Baby Swim Series class in West London. Phil Shaw and his partner Ana Torres opened school for baby swimmers in 2008.

The school is named London Baby Swim and it offers classes for parents and babies as young as six weeks old to take to the water and develop their skills. What they are trying to show is that we are never too young to start learning to swim!

If we take in a fact that only this summer their school attended 500 of parents with babies , it appears baby swimming classes are the hot new trend.

‘The classes are great because the babies develop all sorts of motor and learning skills’ explains Phil Shaw. ‘In the first few years of a baby’s life they experience huge development as their brain grows faster than in later years’.

These are held with parents also in the water and are led by a team of qualified instructors. Up until the age of around nine months babies have a miraculous gag reflex which blocks off their windpipes as soon as they are underwater, allowing them to instinctively hold their breath.

Parents spend up to four weeks teaching their babies to get used to the water, holding them as they splash about. But some take a little longer than others to get used to going underwater.

As part of the package, parents even get to keep a photographic memento of their child’s first dip. The photographs are quite a challenge, but with 10 years taking underwater shots under his belt, Phil has become an expert

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