Jan 1, 2011

10 Graveyards Of The Odd

Everything has a season and everything must die even the oddest of creatures and odd items in our world. This is a list of some very odd graveyards not in any particular order.

10. Dr. Who Would Love This

He might find his own tardis in this graveyard of telephone booths.

You can find this place between Ripon and Thirsk (United Kingdom).

9. Anchor Graveyard

In the dunes of Tavira island, in Portugal is an odd little graveyard. On this sandy beach you’ll find impressive anchors. It was built in remembrance of the glorious tradition of tuna fishing with large nets fixed with these anchors.

8. Train Graveyard

You’ll find this weird little graveyard in Uyuni in Bolivia. It includes trains from the USA and the UK.

7. Neon Sign Graveyard

When the lights go out in the city of lights they head to this graveyard.

The graveyard is attached to the Neon Museum and gives its visitors a glimpse into the past of Neon in Vegas.

6. Toilet

Not only do you see a toilet graveyard here, but in Gunagdong Province in China they created a waterfall in public out of old toilets.

5. FEMA Graveyard

You’ll find hundreds of discarded FEMA trailers just rotting away.

4. Graveyards of Books

During the collapse of the Soviet Union books were left discarded in libraries around the country.

3. Taxi Land

This graveyard is located in China, the Chinese used to use taxis for everything until economic expansion made personal vehicles accessible. As more people bought cars taxis became useless and this taxi graveyard filled up with unused yellow cars.

2. Bicycles

Every child wants a bicycle, so just go down to this bicycle graveyard and pick one up. You can find one of them in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Inokashira Park in Tokyo, Japan.

1. Ship Cemeteries

There are several of these around the world, and this one is located in the Mauritanian harbor. This is a poor area called Nouadhibou and people actually live in many of the ships that line the beaches.

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