Jan 1, 2011

Top 10 Biggest Aeroplanes

More than a century after Wright Brothers took to the sky, man continues his quest for the ultimate flying machine. This eternal thirst for perfection has resulted in creation of some mammoth gravity defying crafts. Here is the list of top 10 flying monsters.

10. Airbus A330-300


Manufacturer : Airbus
Length : 208’1″
Wing Span : 197’10″
Maximum Take off load : 515,700 lb

Introduced in January 1994, nearly 700 A330 are currently in service around the globe. This large-capacity, wide body, twin engine, medium-to-long-range commercial passenger airliner has inherited its design from A300. The USAF KC-135 air to air refueller is a derivative of the A330.

9. Boeing 777


Manufacturer : Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Length : 242’4″
Wing Span : 199’11″
Maximum Take off load : 660,000 lb

This is the world’s largest twin jet air craft commonly known as “Triple seven”. The long range and wide body jet liner was designed for an economical trans Atlantic cruise. It can seat more than 300 passengers. The Boeing 777 has the largest diameter turbo fan engine of any aircraft.

8. Boeing 747


Manufacturer : Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Length : 231′ 10”
Wing Span : 211′ 5”
Maximum Take off load : 875,000 lb

Launched in 1970, 747 is the most successful commercial airliner ever built. More than 1400 air crafts have been rolled out till date. The wide body airliner is commonly referred by its nickname “Jumbo Jet”. It is said to be the world’s most recognizable aircraft. The double decked flying monster held the record of passenger capacity for 37 years.

7. Airbus A340-600


Manufacturer : Airbus
ength : 246’11″
Wing Span : 208’2″
Maximum Take off load : 807,000 lb

The A340 was introduced as a long range version of A330. The four engine commercial jet liner was enrolled in 1993 with Lufthansa and Air France. It boasts an impressive passenger capacity of upto 380. More than 350 of such crafts are in service around the globe. An A340 was the first commercial jet on which passengers could use their mobile phone during flight.

6. Boeing 777-300ER


Manufacturer : Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Length : 242’4″
Wing Span : 212’7″
Maximum Take off load : 75,000 lb

This is a derivative of Boeing 777. The 777-300ER is longer range version which entered in service in 2004. This version has extended and raked wingtips and is powered by two General Electric GE-90 engines. The 777 series has turned out to be the best seller model of this decade for Boeing.

5. C-5 Galaxy


Manufacturer : Lockheed Martin
Length : 247’10″
Wing Span : 222’9″
Maximum Take off load : 840,000 lb

This beast forms the backbone of United States military transportation. Inducted in 1969 this is the largest military aircraft in the world. It is capable of delivering super sized cargo to cross continental destinations.

This aircraft was almost solely responsible for the logistical support in Iraq and Afghanistan. A number of modified versions have been introduced since its inception. The latest is the C-5M. More than 70 such air crafts are operational.

4. An-124


Manufacturer : Antonov
Length : 226’8.5″
Wing Span : 240’5.75″
Maximum Take off load : 892,878 lb

The Antonov An-124 is a strategic airlift jet plane introduced in 1986. The aircraft is used by the Russian military as well as civilian airlines. It is the world’s largest ever serially manufactured airplane and the world’s second largest aircraft in operation. This aircraft is called the Russian version of C-5 Galaxy due to the close resemblance between the two giants. Over 40 An-124 are currently in service around the globe.

3. Airbus A380-800F


Manufacturer : Airbus
Length : 239’3″
Wing Span : 261’8″
Maximum Take off load : 1,305,000 lb

The Airbus A380F is a three-deck, long range freighter capable of carrying payloads of 150-ton over non-stop ranges of up to 10,400 km with the lowest unit cost of any freighter ever. It derived from the Airbus A380-800 Super jumbo high seating capacity airliner. The aircraft special layout will bring new efficiency standards to the cargo aircraft market.

2. Hughes H-4 Hercules


Manufacturer : Hughes Aircraft
Length : 218’6″
Wing Span : 320′
Maximum Take off load : 400,000 lb

This was the largest flying boat ever built and holds the record of the longest wing span till date. Built for the Second World War, the craft of constructed out of wood because of aluminum shortage. The objective of this aircraft was to airlift war material and soldiers to Britain since the water ways were threatened by the German U-boats.

The aircraft was not finished in time for use in World War II and never advanced beyond the single prototype produced. It survives in good shape in Evergreen Aviation Museum, Oregon, USA.

1. An-225


Manufacturer : Antonov
Length : 275’7″
Wing Span : 290′
Maximum Take off load : 1,322,750 lb

Antonov An-25 Mriya is the world’s largest fixed wing aircraft. It was originally designed to carry the Buran Orbiter. Only one such aircraft is currently operational and is commercially available for airlifting extraordinary payloads. This flying mammoth holds a staggering 240 Guinness World records. It provides an efficient means of transport for relief operations around the globe. It is regularly chartered by the United States and Canada to airlift logistics to the Middle East.

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